Week 17: Sunday Games

This week is always tough to figure out given all of the top teams sitting starters, dare I say harder than trying to figure out week 1.  I’ll give it my best shot as usual.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay, 1:00p, FOX (Buccs +2, O/U: 52)

A meaningless divisional battle but not a totally meaningless game as for some, it’s an audition for a roster spot next year and bragging rights over the other team. The spread records for these two aren’t great but Tamp has covered more games surprisingly. Take the hotter team (as of late) the Falcons to cover in the under, Falcons 28-24.

Carolina at New Orleans, 1:00p, FOX (Saints -7, O/U: 42.5)
The Panthers are down to their 3rd starting quarterback as Cam has been shutdown for the year. McCaffrey hauled in most of the workload last week and it still wasn’t enough. The Saints are starting Teddy Bridgewater as they rest some guys for the playoffs. The Saints have been fortunate enough all year to not have to deal with many injuries to key players and they have good depth. Take the Saints in the over, Saints 27-17.
Dallas at N.Y. Giants, 1:00p, FOX (Giants -6, O/U: 41)

Take the Cowboys to cover in the loss, in the over, Giants 24-20.

Detroit at Green Bay, 1:00p, FOX (Packers -7.5, O/U: 44.5)

Take the Packers to cover in the over, Packers 31-23.

Jacksonville at Houston , 1:00p, CBS (Texans -7, O/U: 39.5)

Take the Texans in the over, Texans 27-17.

Miami at Buffalo, 1:00p, CBS (Bills -5.5, O/U: 39.5)

Take the Bills to cover in the over, Bills 27-21.

N.Y. Jets at New England, 1:00p, CBS (Patriots -14, O/U: 46)

Take the Jets to cover in the loss, in the over, Patriots 28-21.

Oakland at Kansas City, 4:25p, CBS (Chiefs -14, O/U: 52.5)

Take the Chiefs to cover in the over, Chiefs 36-20.

Cleveland at Baltimore, 4:25p, CBS (Ravens -6.5, O/U: 41)

Take the Browns to cover in the loss, in the under, Ravens 21-17.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh , 4:25p, CBS (Steelers -14, O/U: 45)

Take the Steelers to cover in the under, Steelers 28-13.

Chicago at Minnesota, 4:25p, FOX (Vikings -6, O/U: 40)

Take the Vikings to cover in the over, Vikings 28-20.

Philadelphia at Washington, 4:25p, FOX (Redskins +6.5, O/U: 42.5)

Take the Eagles to cover in the under, Eagles 24-17.

Arizona at Seattle, 4:25p, FOX (Seahawks -14, O/U: 39.5)

Take the Seahawks to cover in the over, Seahawks 31-10.

L.A. Chargers at Denver , 4:25p, CBS (Broncos +7, O/U: 43)

Take the Chargers in the over, Chargers 31-20.

San Francisco at L.A. Rams, 4:25p, FOX (Rams -10.5, O/U: 49.5)

Take the 49ers to cover in the loss, in the over, Rams 31-20.

Indianapolis at Tennessee, 8:20p, NBC (Titans +5, O/U: 43.5)

Take the Colts to cover in the over, Colts 28-20.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazin 5:

Cleveland at Baltimore – Cleveland (+6)

Week 16: Monday Night Football

Denver vs. Oakland, 8:20p, ESPN (Raiders +3, O/U: 42.5)

Talk about losing track of what day it is not to mention a meaningless game to the majority of football fans right before Christmas. I totally forgot about this one. Take the Broncos in the over, Broncos 24-20.

Week 16: Sunday Games

N.Y. Giants at Indianapolis, 1:00p, CBS (Colts -9.5, O/U: 48)

Take the Colts to cover in the under, Colts 24-10.

Jacksonville at Miami, 1:00p, CBS (Dolphins -3.5, O/U: 39)

Take the Dolphins to concert in the over, Dolphins 24-20.

Atlanta at Carolina, 1:00p FOX (Panthers +3, O/U: 45.5)

Take the Falcons to cover in the under, Falcons 24-16.

Buffalo at New England, 1:00p, CBS (Patriots -13.5, O/U: 45)

Take the Bills to cover in the loss, in the over, Patriots 28-20.

Cincinnati at Cleveland , 1:00p, CBS (Browns -10, O/U: 44)

Take the Bengals to cover in the loss, in the over, Browns 24-17.

Green Bay at N.Y. Jets , 1:00p, FOX (Jets +3, O/U: 47.5)

Take the Packers to cover in the over, Packers 31-24.

Houston at Philadelphia , 1:00p, CBS (Eagles -2, O/U: 47)

Take the Texans to cover in the win, in the over, Texans 31-20

Minnesota at Detroit , 1:00p, FOX (Lions +6.5, O/U: 43)

Take the Vikings to cover in the over, Vikings 28-21.

Tampa Bay at Dallas, 1:00p, FOX (Cowboys -7, O/U: 48)

Take the Cowboys to cover in the under, Cowboys 21-13.

Chicago at San Francisco, 4:05p, FOX (49ers +4.5, O/U: 44.5)

Take the Bears to cover in the under, Bears 24-17.

L.A. Rams at Arizona, 4:05p, FOX (Cardinals +14, O/U: 43.5)

Take the Rams to cover in the over, Rams 35-17.

Pittsburgh at New Orleans, 4:25p, CBS (Saints -6.5, O/U: 53.5)

Take the Saints to cover in the over, Saints 34-27.

Kansas City at Seattle, 8:20p, NBC (Seahawks +1.5, O/U: 55.5)

Take the Chiefs to cover in the over, Chiefs 31-28.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazin 5:

  • Baltimore at LA Chargers – LA Chargers (-4.5)
  • Green Bay at NY Jets – Green Bay (-3)
  • Chicago at San Francisco – San Francisco (+4)
  • NY Giants at Indianapolis – NY Giants (+9.5)
  • Kansas City at Seattle – Seattle (+2.5)


Week 16: Saturday Night Football

Washington vs. Tennessee, 4:30p, NFLN (Titans -11, O/U:38)

Derrick Henry has 408 yards and 6 touchdowns in the last 2 weeks. It’s kept defenses honest and allowed Mariota to keep completions up. The Redskins defensive front is still strong and may force the Titans to even out their play calls. For starting a quarterback who hasn’t started and played a full game since 2011, Josh Johnson looked good. He showed he could still play and use his legs to get the yards they need. Peterson is so close to 1,000 yards and he’ll get it but not by much as this defense is too good.

Last week both teams had impressive wins (Redskins over the Jags and Titans blanking the Giants). The better defense will control and win this game. Expect this one to be close. Take the Redskins to cover in the loss, in the over, Titans 18-16.

Baltimore vs. Los Angeles Chargers, 8:20p, NFLN (Chargers -4, O/U: 42.5)

In just 5 starts, Lamar Jackson has the Ravens at 4-1 with an OT loss against the Chiefs. He hasn’t been terrible when he’s thrown the ball but offers something the Ravens struggled with all season, having a run game. He leads the team on rush yards with 566. Ravens defense has also been on point allowing a league best 18.1 points allowed, total yards and third in pass yards allowed.

The Chargers have been virtually unstoppable even with Allen, Gordon and Eckler out the last few weeks. They’ve been able to rely on a few rookie running backs as well as their receiver depth to step up. Beating the Steelers and Chiefs on the road has pumped a ton of energy into this team. Gordon is said to be dressing tonight.

Take the Chargers to cover in the over, Chargers 27-21.

Week 15: Monday Night Football

New Orleans vs Carolina, 8:15p, ESPN (Panthers +6, O/U: 50.5)

The Saints ran into a scare last week against the Buccs until they had to rattle off 25 unanswered points to pull out a win. While they barely covered the spread, questions remain as to if they can keep up their play on the road, such has been much better than in years past? Michael Thomas has 298 catches in his first 3 years with its an NFL record (102 so far this year) and he’ll continue to be the main target tonight. The defense wo have their hands full with Cam and McCaffrey even as the top team against the run (mostly due to jumping on teams early, forcing more passing).

Cam comes into this game with a sore shoulder. Whether that affects him trying to find DJ Moore down the field or not will be seen early on. As for McCaffrey, he’s got nearly 1,700 yards from scrimmage and 13 TDs. It’ll be intersting to see how the linebackers trying to matchup up with the speedy backs.

Saints on the road: 6-1 (31 pts for/game & 20 pts allowed/game)

Saints ATS on the road: 6-1

Panthers at home: 5-1 (31 pts for/game & 23 pts allowed/game)

Panthers ATS on the road: 4-2

Take the Panthers to cover in the loss in the over, Saints 34-30.


Week 15: Sunday Games

Dallas at Indianapolis, 1:00p, FOX (Colts -3, O/U: 47)

The Cowboys have had big wins recently but they were close. The Colts might be without T.Y. due to an ankle injury. Luck has also had career lows in the amount of times he’s got and sacked. Take the Colts to cover in the over, Colts 27-21.

Miami at Minnesota, 1:00p, CBS (Vikings -7.5, O/U: 45)

The Dolphins shocked the league with a huge conversion on a hook and ladder play to beat the Pats by 1. The Vikings have been struggling the last couple of weeks and their offense hasn’t been as potent. Questions have risen about whether Cousins was the right signing. When it comes to big games, he looks mediocre. Take the Dolphins to cover in the loss, in the under, Vikings 24-20.

Oakland at Cincinnati, 1:00p, CBS (Bengals -3, O/U: 46)

The Bengals are a mess and tons of people, especially Browns fans, have been blaming the hiring of Hue Jackson. Since losing Dalton, the Bengals have been an unpredictable mess. Keeping it close against the Chargers last week. Derek Carr has been quietly efficient since his early season struggles. Even, after trading Cooper, he’s completing nearly 70% of his passes and has improved to a 2:1 td/int ratio. Take the Raiders to cover in the under, Raiders 24-16.

Tennessee at N.Y. Giants, 1:00p, CBS (Giants +1.5, O/U: 43)

You can never figure out the Titans. They are a gritty team that have big time wins with their defense under Mike Vrabel, has been tough, especially against the run. The Giants are coming into this contest with momentum but will be without OBJ. Given that Sheppard is considered to be trash (by a young fan as Sheppard was under cover at a Models), the Giants don’t stand a chance other than using Barkley every down. Let’s also not forget about Henry’s performance last week, HUGE! Take the Titans to cover in the under, Titans 24-13.

Washington at Jacksonville, 1:00p, FOX (Jags -7.5, O/U: 36.5)

The Redskins are in trouble here folks. They’re using quarterbacks of yesteryear to finish off their season and it just hasn’t been pretty. The Jaguars getting Fournette back is key. Yeldon can hold his own but having both makes the offense pop more since they can use both to catch the ball. Take the Jaguars to cover in the under, Jaguars 20-10.

Arizona at Atlanta, 1:00p, FOX (Falcons -9.5, O/U: 44)

The Cardinals have the league’s worst offense. Yes David Johnson has somewhat woke up and they have Fitz but their line has had major issues all year long and despite when they move the ball downfield, they can’t score. The Falcons were a big surprise this year. Inefficiency has hurt them as well as poor defensive play. It’ll be an interesting watch as the Cardinals still have a good pass rush and Ryan gets flustered easily when the pocket breaks down often. Take the Cardinals to cover in the loss, in the under, Falcons 24-17.

Detroit at Buffalo, 1:00p, FOX (Bills -3, O/U: 40)

The Lions haven’t blown anyone away but the Bulls have been impressive when they’ve had their rookie quarterback under center. Take the Bills to cover in the over, Bills 17-16.

Green Bay at Chicago, 1:00p, FOX (Bears -5, O/U: 46.5)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers needed to have a game like they did last week. The Bears say this isn’t a revenge game but we all know it is. Packers thin playoff hopes are on the line and the weather makes this perfect for this rivalry game. Take the Packers to cover in the upset win, in the over, Packers 27-24.

Tampa Bay at Baltimore, 1:00p, FOX (Ravens -9, O/U: 46)

Tampa has been resilient in most of their games even with their turn overs and frequent quarterback changes. No D-Jax hurts them though. Rookie Lamar Jackson has been impressive, enough so that he gets the start over a healthy Joe Flacco. Take the Buccs to cover in the loss, in the over, Ravens 28-24.

Seattle at San Francisco, 4:05p, FOX (49ers +4, O/U: 44.5)

Russell Wilson has a remarkable 5:1 td/int ratio. The last meeting between the two, the Seahawks dominated the 49ers even though the undrafted Mullens scorched their secondary for over 400 yards with 5 different relievers having 50+ yards. The big question is can Kittle replicate last week’s 210 yard performance? This should be a good watch. Take the Seahawks to cover in the over, Seahawks 31-24.

New England at Pittsburgh, 4:25p, CBS (Steelers +3, O/U: 54)

The Patriots are chasing a first round bye and with the Chiefs losing on Thursday, they still have time to stay within a game of the Chiefs and Chargers with a win. Brady may have lost in Miami again but he still threw for 350+ yards with 3 scores. The Steelers are usually buttoned up and solid at home but there’s still a question mark in regards to James Conner, who will be a game time decision after not practicing all week. Take the Steelers to cover in the over, Steelers 31-28.

Philadelphia at L.A. Rams, 8:20p, NBC (Rams -13, O/U: 52)

The epitome of the Eagles season has been injuries. Who knows what this team could’ve done with a full, healthy squad. Defensive backs, running backs, offensive line and now quarterback. Wentz has been sat with a back injury that opens the door for Foles in his second round of starts this season. Perhaps Tate will get going with a new quarterback at the helm. The Rams had a shocking loss last week against the Bears who held the Rams to just 6 points, Goff to under 200 yards and picked him off 4 times. The Rams need to get his confidence built back up so expect them to turn it on early and often. Take the Rams to cover big in the over, Rams 42-17.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazin 5:
o Cleveland at Denver – Cleveland (+3)
o Oakland at Cincinnati – Oakland (+3)
o Dallas at Indianapolis – Indianapolis (-2.5)
o Tennessee at NY Giants – Tennessee (+2.5)
o Philadelphia at LA Rams – LA Rams (-11)


Week 15: Saturday Games

Houston vs. New York Jets, 4:30p, NFLN (Jets +7, O/U: 44.5)

Houston had been on a tear with a 9 game winning streak until the Colts messed that up. They look to rebound against the lowly Jets. Despite giving up nearly 400 yards last week, the Texans have the 5th best defense in terms of points allowed and 5th best against the run. This bodes well for them given that the Jets pass game is virtually non existent. A surprising stat is that the Texans are 3-1 on grass this year. Pair that up with Watson’s 112.9 QBR in his last 7 games with 13 TDs and 2 picks alongside Hopkins 5 game road streak catching a touchdown, it makes for a dangerous setup against the Jets.

Speaking of the Jets, Darnold led his team with under 2 minutes left to beat the Bills and snap a 6 game losing streak. Neither rookie quarterback looked all that impressive however after starting with so much hype but failing on his face since week 3, Darnold needed something to gain the confidence back. With the team needing receivers, running back, a defense, the Jets will likely struggle often today.

Take the Texans to cover in the under, Texans 24-10.

Cleveland vs. Denver, 8:30p, NFLN (Broncos -1.5, O/U: 47)

This game feels like a trap given the national following the Browns have accrued. Baker Mayfield has come on strong as of late, leading this team with grit. The Browns are 3-1 in their last 4 with five wins against the Falcons and Panthers. Nick Chubb has also been on a roll with 5 straight games scoring on the ground. Their defense has had individual successes in the form of sacks and picks. Garrett has 7.5 of his 13.5 sacks in the last 7 games along with Randall picking 2 of his 4 passes in the last 3 games.

The Broncos have also been 3-1 in their last 4 games, also against great teams (Steelers and Chargers). Even with the big wins, Keenum has had 3 straight games with less than 200 yards. Phillip Lindsay has been hot and cold all season but still is starring at a 1,000 yard season and double digit rushing touchdowns. Von Miller has led the Broncos defensive resurgence with 9.5 of his 13.5 sacks in the last 8 games.

2nd cousins Bradley Chubb and Nick Chubb won’t be taking it easy on each other as both have eyes on the playoffs.

Take the Browns to cover in the over, Browns 27-24.