Week 12: Thanksgiving Games

As we all are getting ready to sharpen those knives and dig in to our family feast, the NFL is sharpening their claws and getting ready to dig into their opponents on one of the biggest traditions in America, Thanksgiving NFL football.  It’s the one thing I really loved looking forward to every year and for a handful of years it was usually my boy Favre and the Packers against a then, very bad Lions teams.  You could almost gaurantee a nice little blowout win on such a glorious feasting day.  You could almost also always expect John Madden to gab about Turduckens and eating mass amounts of food, Madden talk about the “big guys” on the field playing quicker so they could get to eat sooner and mention players like Gilbert Brown all the time and you could also hear him salivate when talking about all of the food that was on his mind.

Have no fear if you’re busy cooking and don’t have time to do some last minute research on the games because you’re cooking, I have your back on the picks:

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions, 12:30p (Lions +2.5, O/U: 45.5)

The Vikings suffered a bad loss at home against the Lions nearly 2 months ago.  That game also featured the last timewe saw Dalvin Cook suited up for a game before his devistating knee injury.  It’s also the last time they lost a game.  Case Keenum was just getting his feet wet as the full time starter.  The Vikings have had one of the best defenses this year, only allowing just over 17 points per game.  The Lions have had one of the worst offenses in the league, in the terms of yards per play.  They don’t really have a good run game and rely on Matt Stafford way too much.  Lately they’ve shown decent flashes in the backfield but nothing to bank on.  The Lions defense overall can keep it together mostly but can get gashed even by an average running back at times.  This team still deals with a lot of close games so don’t expect a this one to be any different.  It’s going to be revenge time in Detroit as Case will have this team moving consistantly in the air and on the ground now that Latavious Murray seems to have gotten into a groove.  Take the Vikings to win in the over, 27-24.

Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys, 4:30p (Cowboys +1.5, O/U: 46.5)

The Chargers are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL and especially on the road.  They have one of the best road records against the spread (along with teams like the Panthers, Sants, Jaguars).  Don’t sleep on the amazing pass rush they have because Joey Bosa is a mad man at the snap of the ball.  Rivers is having a decent season although he is a bit low on the completion percentage.  The team isn’t having success on the offensive line, creating enough push for Melvin Gordon to be himself as he only averages about 3.8 yards per carry this year.  The Cowboys come into game 3 without Zeke in their backfield and you saw how that limited their offense last week.  Yes, it was a bad loss to the Eagles and yes they are going to want to get after it today but it doesn’t change the hole they have behind Dak.  Dak has still been acceptional with his accuracy but he just didn’t look as great without his star back.  Usually you need to use the run game to offset your passing game so as not to look so one dimensional, well, that’s now the Cowboys.  I’d be very skeptical of most of you if you don’t place a bet on the Chargers in this one. Take the Chargers to cover in the over, 27-21.

New York Giants at Washington Redskins, 8:30p (Redskins -7, O/U: 45)

The NFL really knows how to pick see the future.  Usually by this time of the night on Thanksgiving you’re feasted out, desert has been served, you’re maybe on your last beer or glass of win on the night before heading back to your cave to hybernate or maybe you’re already in your food coma and are resting that food baby you just grew.

If so, you’re not going to miss much in this one.  The Giants have one of the worste scoring offenses in the league with a coach that is described to the public as an offensive guru.  Well I guess he can’t be much of a guru without his big time pieces?  Anyways, Eli not having decent weapons to throw to have made his season miserable.  They started the season with a list of running backs that could potentially be their guy, but they didn’t know who.  That guy at the moment seems to have been Orleans Darkwa who is having his best season as a pro however, that is not saying much given he was never thought to be a feature back.  The Redskins have had one up and down year.  They’ve had a tough strength of schedule and even beat teams like the Rams and Seahawks, both on the road.  Last week was a bit of a disappointer but they nearly upset the Saints on the road in OT.  Cousins is enjoying himself another good year, maybe this time the Redskins will give him a long term deal for it.  He’s been one of the most consistantly good quarterbacks in the league the last few years and the organization hasn’t done a whole lot to help him with big time receivers.  Nonetheless, he’s played very well and even showed some flashses of Aaron Rodgers in the Seattle game, winning in the 4th quarter.  This shouldn’t be close however, this being a short week.  The Giants might still be on their win hangover from last week.  Take the Redskins to cover in the under, 31-13.

There you have it folks, picks are in so call your bookie and go enjoy your family feast!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Author: Jeremy Kohl

A good, hard working dude that loves his sports.

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