My Picks From Week 3 Monday Night Until Now…

It is true, my week 3 was awesome. 14-2 it ended up being. Since, it’s just straight up mediocrity but overall, still picking 58 % winners and perfect 5-0 on Monday nights. Week 5 started off so good. If I remember, most of the 1 o’clock games I was winning, it was the 2nd half of many of those games that lost it for me. Coaches preach that you must play a full 4 quarters and finish games to win them. The worst is that multiple teams that I had picking to win were winning at the half by more than a score. That’s a heartbreaker. Anyways, without further adieu, here are my picks:

My Picks 3

My Picks 4

Author: Jeremy Kohl

A good, hard working dude that loves his sports.

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