Colin Cowherd’s Blazing 5 with Vegas Sharpes Analysis

Hello all! Sorry it’s a bit late but I wanted to update everyone with ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd’s Blazing 5 (sometimes 6) picks with how they matchup with the Vegas Sharpes by way of a guest, RJ Bell of On the spread sheet, I have the games, highlighted in black and in parenthesis are Colin’s picks and the line, the red X or green check mark is if the wise guys agree or not and then a bunch of different records versus a couple of different dynamics. Colin recently went from Monday Night of week 2 through week 4 (11 games) with agreement from the Sharpes. Here are screen shots of my spread sheet tracking his picks and Vegas’s input and record versus and with Colin.

Colin week 1-3---

Colin week 3-5---

Author: Jeremy Kohl

A good, hard working dude that loves his sports.

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