Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night…My First Blog

Hey folks, jjkohl here and welcome to my blog.  Bear with me here; this IS my first rodeo in the blogosphere, well other than my days using MySpace and any other social media that we have at our disposal. 

This first blog I just wanted to lay out a description of this blog and what my main objectives are for my entries which I will hope to get more than just one a week in depending on the topics of conversation from week to week.

First, a little about myself, I hail from Reading, Pennsylvania.  I am very much into sports, food, financials, and just living life to the fullest with my beautiful wife and our 2 dogs.  I played high school football, some little league baseball but always have been a fan of all sports and competition.  I try to join recreational dek hockey leagues when I can, playing mostly defense or goalie.

Second, my blog.  My blog will mostly be about sports and whatever other hot news hits the waves, if I feel an outside topic deserves some discussion.  My recent topic of conversation the last few months has been football in the NFL.  My promise in this blog is to not act like a homer, more or less like the rationale sports conversationalist, playing devil’s advocate from time to time.  I don’t care if I’m right or wrong, I really don’t.  I like to follow ESPN’s Colin Cowherds motto, “love your family, like your sports”.  I like a good conversation about sports in general and the more heated the conversation, the better.  Not that I love arguing, but I love the passion on the topic and any great points made for either side.  It adds perspective, which I think lacks in conversations about sports (and many other things in life for that matter) amongst most “homer” fans.  By the way, if you have time to listen, Colin Cowherd is on from 10am-1pm daily on ESPN Radio/ESPN U (tv), always an awesome listen.

I hope this blog is fun for everyone to read.  I’m still trying to figure out the blog site, to which I give thanks for having a free blog site to start up a new hobby of mine.  Comments are always welcome, so a Twitter account will be created to field quick conversation points and to respond back to any readers throughout the day where time permits, since I do have a 8-5 job and a life outside of work.  I will create that Twitter handle for the next blog, where the good stuff will start to be written.

Look out for my next blog, Wednesday, which will cover the upcoming week 15 in NFL action, Fan Duel, my fantasy football team’s outlooks, and spread/predictions using as well as my reaction to Bleacher Report’s predictions.

Author: Jeremy Kohl

A good, hard working dude that loves his sports.

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