About Necessary Roughness

Welcome to my sports blog, Necessary Roughness. Here you will find an opinionated account of the sports world that you can relate to or debate on. My main goal during the NFL season, since I like betting on NFL games, is providing you my personal analysis of each team and matchup weekly and my prediction on the spread and over/under. Those numbers come from Covers.com and I try to give the most up to date lines as of the morning of the games. During the offseason, I will keep you informed of my opinion weekly on the hottest sports topics. I do have a full time job and this is more of a hobby that I am dedicated to so please be patient if I don’t get a full analysis in for every game, it’s a lot of work and research every week and I am but one man. However, you still will get my prediction against the spread no matter what, just in case you want my opinion on the lines.

Always feel free to comment, grade my picks for the week, and sign up to receive e-mails for newly pressed blogs I write. Thanks for visiting.

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