New Season, Same Predictions 56% Winners!


2017 was an exciting season that crowned a first time ever Lombardi Trophy winner, the self proclaimed underdogs, Philadelphia Eagles.  While I’m a Packers fan in Pennsylvania, it’s cool to finally see them win a Super Bowl and to see how happy lots of my friends were, living in PA, it was a remarkable game to watch as an outsider with no horse in the race.  Plus, it’s always good to see that Brady and Belichick are human after all (even though I’m a Michigan fan).  I will say one thing though, I’m tired of hearing the Eagles chant and am looking forward to the 2018 kickoff.


Last year was going to be a great tester season, to see if I had the chops to pick winners enough times to be able to make money doing it every week.  I use Colin Cowherd for my insider to betting tips, since he has handicapped games for sport and has been pretty successful with his Blazing 5 over the years (which is why I keep track of it in my blogs along with my picks).  Colin says every year, that in order to live in Vegas as a professional sports handicapper, your winning percentage doesn’t need to be crazy high like 80%.  If you can get to an average of about 56%, you’re a pro.  Colin has hit higher with his Blazing 5 in the past and numerous seasons.

So 56% winners was my goal last year.  Yes, I didn’t get the last game or two of week 16 and all of week 17, life happens, but I was able to get to 55-56% based on the data I collected and blogged about up until those games.  Even so, 56% through 238 regular season games.  I was stoked, to say the least.  So what’s next?


I’m puting the theory to work and betting every game.  In theory, if I modestly place a $25 bet on every game, I would have bet $6,400 over the course of 256 regular season games.  At 56% winners, my 2017 percentage, I would rake in a cool $3,584 while paying $371.20 in fees (winning about 143, losing on about 113 games, which would’ve cost me about $283 in juice through a bookie).  No offense to bookies, but if I don’t have to deal with jacked up lines on “action heavy” games, then I’ll spend the extra $90 through other means.  If all is going well a few weeks in, I may change the size of the bet, higher.

So stay tuned.  We’ll have a tough opening game with the Eagles and Falcons, being that Wentz is still out and Foles looked terrible in preseason action.  Look out on Wednesday night, or Thursday morning for the 2018 opening predictions blog.

Author: Jeremy Kohl

A good, hard working dude that loves his sports.

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